My first 4 days in Zhongguancun, the Chinese Silicon Valley. You are far away behind them.

After 4 years in the Silicon Valley, CA, the opportunity to visit Zhongguancun, in Beijing, as a foreigner entrepreneur from an US startup came up and I’m very positively surprised how they are far away ahead of us foreigners entrepreneurs. Let’s start it.

First and the most important thing that came to my mind: Competition.

The Chinese startups and entrepreneurs that I had the opportunity to meet here in Beijing are very high skilled. They are very well connected to everything that has happened in the Silicon Valley, specially about the harassment problems in the venture firms that is freezing some venture firms.

If you thought about the language, it’s about pitching and confidence. All of them speak English very well and communicate publicly with very high confidence when they are pitching. During my last 4 years I had the opportunity to watching thousands of entrepreneurs pitching in the Silicon Valley. The majority of them, fluent English speaker but terrible public speakers when pitching about the startup.

About market size and go-to-market strategy in China. If you have heard the Guy Kawasaki phrase “we’ll acquire 1% of the world” talking about bozos entrepreneurs, he definitely used the best example of “bozos” 12 years ago. A lot of people ask about the firewall, connectivity and entrance barriers. First things first. Without a very bold native Chinese/English team including yourself, your plans won’t take off. Be prepared to stay here at minimal of 1 year backing and forth to your HQ until your local team be ready to do the job locally self-managed and operating your gtm and growth marketing machine.

Opposite to us, they are ready to run their own startups using the lower bars to develop great foreigner teams to execute the strategic plans faster and cheaper then us in US and many other markets. So, wake-up!

Please, leave a comment comment and let me know how was your experience in Zhongguancun 中关村, the Chinese Silicon Valley.

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